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ICUE: WS India

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Indian Community Uniting for Equity: Welfare Society (ICUE:WS)

is a non-profit organization that works on issues based on “Save - Support – Service” Empowerment in All-around - in rural areas supporting people, especially women; educational equity to improve the quality of instruction and learning; medical support to unreached places and free medical camps; helping needy people by providing services and basic needs support. We work cooperatively with schools and universities in urban and rural areas of India. We promote dialogue and open conversations to ensure that the voices of students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders are heard in designing the educational future of the nation. Furthermore, we are committed to the use of research to ensure that our plans are feasible and plausible.


Accountability of ICUE:WS

   ·  Reach to Unreached

   ·  Global to Local 

   ·  Help to Needy

   ·  Empowerment in All-around

   ·  Educational, Medical, Social and Economic Development 

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