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  • Where Do We Work?
    We work through our group of affiliate communities who may partner with any local community to address needs the community has identified. The community may be in developed or less developed countries and in either rural or urban settings.
  • How Do I Volunteer?
    We have evolving and current projects that require both off site and on-site support. For example we need persons with design expertise and contracting expertise to assist in designing and building school buildings. Or water experts to assist with designing and installing potable water systems. If you would like to volunteer to work with a GCUE project please contact: Dr. Clay Starlin, Executive Director, at or 1-541-517-6750
  • How Do You Become an Affiliate Member of GCUE?
    1. List of names and contact information for at least 10 members. 2. A set of by-laws that supports the purpose and mission of GCUE. (Note: See the GCUE by-laws in the About Us section of the website. GCUE is available to help in drafting affiliate by-laws) 3. An application for affiliation, click here.
  • How Can I Make a Donation?
    The donation tab on our website enables you to make contributions: • A general contribution which is allocated by the Executive Council to address current needs • A project specific contribution to any of our current projects.
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