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Pam Young
University of Dayton,

Dayton OH USA

Clinical Professor in the Department of Educational Administration and the Director of Accreditation in the School of Education and Health Sciences (SEHS) at the University of Dayton (UD). SEHS is among the first 50 excellent educator preparation programs in the USA to have attained national accreditation by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation; she led our successful SEHS team efforts. She previously served more than 30 years as a public school building administrator, central office administrator and teacher. She was also an Associate Superintendent for the Ohio Department of Education (Center for Reform & Urban Education). Her teaching at UD has included Curriculum Evaluation & Instruction, Educational Leadership, Supervision & Professional Development, Curriculum Development & Leadership, and Research. Her recent course in the Ed.D. program is Intercultural Proficiency and Leadership for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Her current community/educational service and leadership efforts include membership on Springfield (OH) Promise Neighborhood board; Academic Program Committee chair, Mercy McAuley High School board, Cincinnati, OH; and President of the Global Community Uniting for Equity.

Vice President

Rochonda Nenonene
University of Dayton

Dayton OH USA

First Year Experience Coordinator and Founding and Co-Program Director of the Urban Teacher Academy at the University of Dayton. An Assistant Professor in the Department of Teacher Education, she earned her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Dayton. She teaches the introduction to the profession courses for undergraduate and graduate teacher education candidates: Personal Aspects of Teaching & The Profession of Teaching. Additional courses taught include the Urban Teacher Academy Junior and Senior Seminars and courses on diversity and equity as it relates to educational leadership. Areas of research interests include: urban teacher preparation, culturally responsive teaching, equity, social-emotional learning and dispositions of teacher candidates. Dr. Nenonene conducts professional development for school districts on culturally responsive teaching, student engagement, classroom management, social-emotional learning and issues of equity.


Sunita Major
West Chester University

West Chester PA USA

Sunita Mayor is an associate professor in the Department of Literacy at West Chester University of Pennsylvania.  

Dr. Mayor’s areas of expertise are socio-psycholinguistics, deaf education, reading comprehension, reading, and writing teacher education, and more recently, critical literacy.  She received her M.Ed. in Special Education from Xavier University in Cincinnati Ohio and her EdD in Early Childhood and Special Education from the University of Cincinnati. 

Board Member

Abdellatif El Moncef 
Ministry of Education
Rabat, Morocco

Abdellatif EL Moncef has been teaching for the last 25 years in diverse settings. He has had experience teaching English as a foreign language, Arabic and French to non-native learners. Mr. El Moncef is a Fulbright alumnus from Southeast Missouri State University, a board member of the Moroccan Fulbright Alumni Association, a member of the Moroccan Association for Teachers of English and a member of the North American Community: Uniting for Equity.

He has been actively involved in community service and keen on helping promising youthful students with college and scholarship applications.

Mr. EL Moncef allots a substantial amount of time to online professional training and self-development. He has participated in numerous conferences as a speaker or international alumnus in Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Washington, DC., Ottawa to name but a few. Likewise, he has done various training sessions on cooperative learning strategies, diversity, and effective classroom instruction.
Above all, He endeavors as a fervent proponent of inclusive and equitable education.

Board Member

Tamara Volodimirivna Glazunova
Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University
Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Associate Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages at Vinnytsia Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi State Pedagogical University, Vinnytsia, Ukraine. She teaches Communicative Grammar, Methodology of Teaching English to undergraduate students, and Methodology of Teaching English to graduate students. The areas of her research interest are Intercultural Studies, Psychology, Teacher Training. She is a member of the Community of Educators Uniting for Justice and Equity

Board Member

Bennet Owiredu

Saint Joseph's School Complex​

Accra, Ghana

I live in Ghana and am a teacher by profession. My love for children propelled me to venture into teaching, and since then, I have never regretted choosing such a noble profession as I see lives impacted over the years through teaching.  These are some of the driving forces that propels me to do the work I am doing.

I received my first degree at the University of Ghana and majored in Dramatic Theory and Criticism. I am currently the country Director and board member of Global Community Uniting for Equity-Ghana Community. I am also the executive secretary of KS SirNaya Africa-dealer in import and export of general goods across the globe.

I have passion for the vulnerable and I just can’t turn a blind eye to people who need help which is why I am part of the Global Community Uniting for Equity.
I am currently working hard with the most needy stakeholders to solicit funds to build a school to support an ailing community in rural Ghana.  I have keen interest in research and reading. more so, I pledge to expend and contribute my quota to helping the less privileged.

Board Member

Svitlana Anatoliivna Kuzmina

Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University
Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Assistant Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages at Vinnytsia Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi State Pedagogical University, Vinnytsia, Ukraine. She teaches the Practical Course of English and Methodology of Teaching English for undergraduate students. The Course of Professional English and Traditions of Academic Collaboration: International Experience – for graduate students. Since 2010 she has been serving as the coordinator of the partnership between her home university and Southeast Missouri State University after the completion of the Fulbright grant service at that university. The areas of research interest are the democratization of Ukrainian education, the quality of teacher preparation, and the internationalization of education. She is a co-founder and executive director of the Community of Educators Uniting for Justice and Equity – a Ukrainian affiliate to Global Community Uniting for Equity. 

Board Member

José Lobo

University of Atlántico

Barranquilla, Colombia

BA in the teaching of Modern Languages from the Atlántico University and a MA in Intercultural Communication from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He also has a doctorate in education with emphasis in literacy in second language from the University of Cincinnati. Professor Lobo is interested in issues of effective communication in English as Second/Foreign language environments because It is a fact that faulty communication may bring about confrontation between students and teachers and it may ensue poor teaching practices that in turn may help perpetuate social and educational inequity. Professor Lobo does community work in Barranquilla, Colombia helping teachers in low-income institutions. He has also helped low-income female bread winners who are mothers of children with disabilities by writing global grants through the Rotary Club in Colombia and the United States. These grants have helped the recipients become small business owners while they take care of their children at home.

Board Member

Erin Parkes
Lotus Centre for Special Music Education
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Bachelor of Music, Master of Arts in Musicology, and Graduate Certificate in Piano Pedagogy Research from the University of Ottawa. Erin holds a Ph.D. in music education from McGill University, where she researched the impact of training on preparation of studio music teachers to work with students with autism. In 2012, Erin founded Lotus Centre for Special Music Education (, a charitable organization committed to providing access to music education for people with exceptionalities, where she currently serves as Director of Research and Professional Development. Recently, Erin launched the Lotus Centre Institute for Professional Development ( in order to provide music educators with the skills and tools they need to help students with exceptionalities reach their full potential. In addition to her role at Lotus Centre, Erin is an adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa, teaching courses and mentoring students in special music education. Erin presents at conferences and guest lectures throughout North America and internationally on teaching music to students with exceptionalities and other issues in music education.

Board Member

Alida Vizcaino Lara
University of Atlántico
Barranquilla, Colombia>

BA in Modern Languages from Universidad del Atlántico. She completed a master's degree in literature and a PhD in education at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, OH (USA). She has experience teaching, training teachers and doing research in the USA, Colombia and Perú. Currently she teaches English and research at the University of Atlantico and QLU. She has published in Colombia, the USA, Panamá and England.

Executive Director  & Treasurer

Clay Starlin
Worcester State University

Worcester, MA USA

Attended the University of Oregon (in Eugene, Oregon USA) for both undergraduate and graduate education, receiving Doctor of Education degree in Special Education and Educational Measurement.
He is Visiting Professor of Education at Worcester State University, Worcester, Massachusetts. USA.
During the past 50 years, he has worked in public school, university, and human service settings. These experiences have involved teaching children in clinical settings, university teaching, public school supervision, self-employed educational consulting and coordinating state office programs.
Clay is professionally interested in: individualizing education for the diversity of students, educational measurement and international literacy.

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