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GCUE invites all persons throughout the world committed to a more just, peaceful and loving world to establish a GCUE community (or join in an already established community).

There are no dues paid to GCUE.  Each local community decides on their own dues structure.

Persons interested in forming an affiliate GCUE community may do so by submitting to the GCUE board the following:


1. List of names and contact information for at least 10 members.

2. A set of by-laws that supports the purpose and mission of GCUE.
    Note: See the GCUE by-laws in the About Us section of the website.                                                  GCUE is available to help in drafting affiliate by-laws.

3. Submit an application for affiliate membership.                                                                                       Note pdf attachment (Click on Link to Download).

Please submit documents to:  Dr. Clay Starlin, Executive Director, GCUE

Global Community Uniting for Equity™ (GCUE)

Incorporated June 21, 2017

US 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Tax-exempt ID number (EIN) is 82-2358682

Legal Representation
Center for Nonprofit Law
P O Box 1008
Eugene, OR 97440 USA
Attorney:  David Atkin

Many of the photographs on the website were taken by:
Dr. A. Sükrü Künücen, Assistant Professor, Communication Faculty, Department of Radio, TV and Cinema  Baskent University, Baglica Campus, Ankara, Turkey.

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