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Achiase School, Community Project Narrative


We are currently fund raising for the Achiase, Ghana School, Community Project (which will serve as a model for other projects in rural Ghana.)


The Achiase region, is a community of 21 villages (75 kilometers north of Ghana’s capitol Accra). The region has a total population of around 3000 people with 1000 of these being children.


School Needs

Currently the children do not go to a regular school.  The nearest school is 5 kilometers away and school age children in the village are not able to walk that distance (total of 10 km/day) to and from school every day. There is not a transportation system available to transport them.


Currently, there is a temporary canopy structure which is used for classroom lessons. However, it can only accommodate around 50 students at a time. Teachers have resorted to teaching students in three shifts/day. This shift system is hampering classroom lessons because of the time constraint allotted for each subject taught by teachers. This problem can only be solved with a larger, permanent school building that can accommodate all elementary, middle and high school students.


Road Needs

The only access to the Achiase region is by the way of dirt roads which are difficult to use due to deep ruts and pot holes.  During the rainy season significant portion of the road wash out.  In order to get materials and equipment into the region to build the school and address other community needs a road is essential.


Water Supply Needs
The Achiase region is also in need of a new bore hole to support the community’s water supply needs. Currently there is only a single creek from the hills but this water supply has been unsafe to drink.


Health Clinic Need

Additionally, there is a need for a health clinic to enable the children and community members to maintain their health and livelihood.


The community is largely a subsistence economy so it has very little in the way of money resources.  They do have available land and a willingness to provide the labor to clear the land and build the school buildings and clinic.  But funds are needed for the design work, preparing the building site and purchase the building materials and equipment.

The projects costs are estimated to be nearly 4, 800, 000 cedis ($872, 000 US). A proposed budget for the project is presented below. Contributions of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 3.04.24 PM.png
Ghana Collage 2.jpg

Ghana Community - Achiase Project

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Account Name: Madon Consult  

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Dr. Clay Starlin, Executive Director of GCUE and Dr. Sue Fan Foo, past president of GCUE – North America visited Ghana and the Achiase site in June of 2018.

They were hosted at the home of George Madon, of Madon Consulting and

members of the GCUE - Ghana community.

They traveled to the Achiase region. This visit included:

• Introductions at a Durbar reception with community chiefs and members.

• discussions with community leaders

• visiting with village members at work

• a visit to the currently polluted water source

• a walk to the site for the schools and health clinic with a bit of humor

• a ceremonial beginning to clearing the 50 acre plot of land donated by the Achiase communities

• current structures used for school classrooms

• A pledge to work together to support the Achiase communities

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